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Arcane Heroes


Find Your way to defeat The greatest and the Mighty Ancient Monster with Stunning 3D Graphic in this action RPG. Call all the Heroes From the Altar, gather your Teammates, strengthen your Heroes and make them Stronger to became a Legendary in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced game. Over a hundred quest awaits you with huge and great prize.Download for Free the MOST EXTREME and Latest action RPG Multiplayer Online Battle game for the Android! Install now and start playing today! Exciting in-game events and Hundred of Legendary Heroes awaits for you!
EXPERIENCE DOZEN FEATURE- Arena : Allow you to challenge player all around the world to prove who is the best in the World- Hero Trial : Fear not to face the beast and get the EXP and Gold to strengthen your Hero- Soul Trial : Defeat the other soul to get the hundred of Soul Jade to summon powerful Hero- Ancient Beast : Face the Ancient Monster and slay to get ancient treasure- Blood Arena : Feel and conquer the most bloody Arena and will bring horror for you!- Abyss Marsh : Prepare yourself to get tons of failure just to conquer the mighty Golem- Traverse Realm : Occupied other territory to find the treasure that waiting for you!
STRATEGIC PLAY- Power Up, Level Up, Skill up and Gear Up to Prepare your Hero to journey on your adventure!- Customize your Heroes position to counter the other enemy attack- Explore an epic thrilling, addictive adventure as you travel to fight against the monster - Choose between over 50 unique and varied heroes from melee to powerful Mage
3D HEROES PREFERENCE- Join Battle with other players in Worldwide and get victory over them to earn the precious prize!- Form your teammates to destroy all enemies and participate in the Hero Trial and become the strongest Player in the Arcane Heroes- Feel the extraordinary reinforcement with your Heroes Summon ability- Fight against a horde of hundred enemies in Challenging Mode- Witness the Stunning 3D graphic effect
Arcane Heroes is completely free-to-play, however some game items can also be purchased. A network connection is also required to play.